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One Or Two Minnesota Vikings Games This Season Will Start Later Than Scheduled

The National Football League made the announcement today that the majority of the "late games" on Sunday afternoons will start about ten minutes later than they have in previous years. That means that those games will start at approximately 3:25 PM Central time rather than the usual 3:15.

The idea behind the switch is to keep the early and late games from overlapping, as we've seen happen numerous times over the years. An extra ten minutes will hopefully eliminate the majority of these conflicts from happening.

As far as the Vikings are concerned, this only affects two of the games on their 2012 schedule. Their Week Six match-up against Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins will now be a 3:25 PM Central time game, as will (apparently) their Week Nine match-up in Seattle against the Seahawks.

That second one is more of an assumption by me. . .while games that originally started at 3:15 PM Central time were specified as being moved, I would be surprised if the networks didn't do the same thing with games that were originally scheduled to start at 3:05 PM Central. Then again, it might only end up being one game that gets moved when it's all said and done. We'll have to see if the NFL says anything more specific about the games originally scheduled to start at 3:05 PM Central.