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Cory Merrifield Will Have A Hand In The New Vikings Stadium After All

In the wake of the Vikings' stadium vote, we endorsed Cory Merrifield, founder of and the guy that did a ton for the stadium effort, to be a part of the new stadium authority.

Well, while he's not part of the main stadium authority, he is going to have a hand in the stadium process after all. On Friday, Merrifield was named to the Minneapolis Stadium Implementation Committee. According to the press release that put out on the subject,

The committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Planning Commission, Minneapolis City Council and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority regarding planning, land use, and design for the new Vikings stadium. The Committee boasts a long list of influential professionals, and chair members include Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak and Minneapolis City Council President Barbara Johnson.

The Stadium Implementation Committee will meet every month, starting with their first meeting in July.

I'm happy as heck to see Cory Merrifield get this opportunity. As I mentioned, the man did a lot for the stadium efforts over the course of the past few years, and if anybody can represent the wishes and desires of the fans, it's him.