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Saturday Open Thread: Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

Looks like kind of a lazy Saturday, so let's put an Open Thread out there for everyone's viewing pleasure, shall we?

Last night, Mrs. Gonzo and I went to a late showing of Ted, the new movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. If you've seen the previews/trailers, you have sort of an idea what the movie is about. . .a young boy without a lot of friends wishes for his teddy bear friend to come to life, and the wish comes true. One morning, John (Wahlberg's character) wakes up and discovers that "Ted" can walk and talk and wants to be best friends forever.

Of course, since the movie is directed by Seth McFarlane, the man behind Family Guy and American Dad (who also provides Ted's voice, making it unsurprising that he sounds almost exactly like Peter Griffin), it also means that Ted likes to tell off-color jokes, curse a lot, drink heavily, and take bong hits.

The movie centers around the relationship between John and Lori (Kunis' character), and the role that Ted plays in it. The supporting cast is pretty good as well, featuring folks like Joel McHale (from Community and The Soup), and Patrick Warburton (David Puddy from Seinfeld and the voice of Joe from Family Guy). There's even a Ryan Reynolds cameo in a role that. . .well, you wouldn't quite expect.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie a lot, but I've always been a fan of McFarlane's work. It certainly isn't a movie for everybody, and definitely not a movie for younger children. But if you like Family Guy, you'll probably enjoy Ted, too.

And, with that, the open thread is open. Have at it, ladies and gentlemen!