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Minnesota Vikings Kick Off Another Round Of OTAs

The Minnesota Vikings are back together at Winter Park for another round of Organized Team Activities. Much like last week's session, the media was not allowed access to the first day of workouts this week, either.

However, CBS Sports is reporting that there were two welcome additions to the practice field this week that were not out there during last week's festivities. Wide receiver Percy Harvin was back on the practice field again, after missing last week's OTAs to continue (and, apparently, complete) his recovery from the shoulder surgery he had a couple of days before the 2012 NFL Draft.

Linebacker Chad Greenway was back on the practice field today as well. Unlike Harvin, who was present at Winter Park, Greenway missed all of last week's happenings to attend to a family problem. But, he's back out there practicing with his teammates, which is a good sign.

It appears that the media will have access to tomorrow's team activities, so hopefully we'll have some good, solid "news" for you from that.