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Check Out Jerome Simpson's Crazy Catch From This Morning

By now you've probably seen the video somewhere, but in case you haven't, we'll give you the link to it. Unfortunately, we can't embed it here because. . .well, the Vikings' official website (where this come from) doesn't provide embed codes for their videos. Probably a reason for that, so I won't gripe too much.

But the play of the day from today's OTA session involved Jerome Simpson and Christian Ponder on a long pass down the right sideline. You can see the play right here.

It looks like Chris Cook, who was running with Simpson down the field, actually had pretty damn good coverage on the play. It appears, however, that Ponder has a level of trust with Simpson (in the short time they've been teammates) where he figures he can just put the ball up there and Simpson will be able to go and get it. Good throw by Ponder, better catch by Simpson.

Hopefully we can look forward to a lot more of this during the regular season. Well, starting in Week 4, anyway.