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Your Minnesota Vikings Highlight Video Of The Night

So, we showed the video of the Minneapolis Miracle a couple of days ago, and while that was a great drive, it wouldn't have been possible without a play earlier in the second half that gave us a glimpse into exactly how special the Vikings' first-round draft pick from that season had the potential to be.

The Niners had just gotten a 37-yard field goal from Joe Nedney to extend their one-point halftime lead to 17-13. The teams then lined up for the ensuing kickoff, and this happened.

Now, I don't have a stopwatch sitting right next to me or anything. . .but from watching the video, Harvin fields the kickoff when the video says seven seconds, and by the time the video hits 19 seconds the cannon is going off and Harvin is in the end zone. He's fast.

This touchdown gave the Vikings a 20-17 lead, and also made Percy Harvin the first player in Minnesota Vikings' history to score a touchdown in each of his first three professional games. He had scored receiving touchdowns in the first two games of that season against the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions.