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Ochocinco? How about No-chocinco?

Yeah, it's the easy headline. And?

As I'm sure you've probably heard by now, the New England Patriots cut wide receiver Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson Ochocnico on Thursday afternoon, ending the team's experiment with him after just one season. It wasn't a particularly good season for the man out of Oregon State that's entering his 12th NFL season, as he averaged just one reception per game for the Patriots (15 catches in 15 games) for 276 yards and a touchdown.

Naturally, the release has started some murmurs about the Vikings potentially signing him. To this, I say. . .no. Just no.

According to the roster on the left-hand side of the page there, the Vikings currently have 12 wide receivers on the roster. The last thing they need is a 34-year old receiver that couldn't get a hell of a lot done in one of the NFL's best offenses in 2011 and that wouldn't make a contribution on special teams. To say nothing of the potential circus that the guy would bring with him to Minnesota.

Yes, I know that there were no antics in New England last year. . .but, you know, as much as I like Leslie Frazier, he ain't exactly Bill Belichick yet.

But I, for one, hope that the Minnesota Vikings stay far, far away from Chad Ochocinco. He just isn't something the team needs right now.