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Final Working Title Soundtrack Vote!

Jared Allen knows you need to keep a sense of humor when it comes to football. Cast your vote now for the working title track for the 2012 Season Soundtrack!
Jared Allen knows you need to keep a sense of humor when it comes to football. Cast your vote now for the working title track for the 2012 Season Soundtrack!

Well, here we go again. Just when I made the mistake of thinking the Minnesota Vikings were going to settle down and focus on rebuilding and playing good football, the star running back, allegedly, gets drunk and is arrested. Yep, with this team anything can happen, of course, I was hoping for those happenings to be positive and involve winning football games, but at least we're not bored.

And that reminds me of our contest to select the working title track for the 2012 Season Soundtrack. When a normally high-character player goes off the rails and does his Bruce Banner in a bad mood impersonation, it's a good time to grab hold of our collective sense of humor and select a song that encompasses the ups and downs of being a Vikings fan in 2012.

That's why it seemed only fair that the long-suffering fans here at DN should get to choose the working title track for our 2012 Season Soundtrack. For the first round of voting we had seven songs in consideration. This time the three songs that had the most votes last time will battle it out to win the dubious honor of being our working title track.

Join me after the jump for the three finalists!

At the start of the NFL season there are all sorts of predictions about how good or bad each team will be. However, every fan knows that predictions don't mean much. When it comes right down to it, nobody really knows what is going to happen until the teams take the field and actually play. Until then, it's all a mystery.

Here's The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" submitted by vikings68.

In 2012 the Vikings are turning over a new leaf. Gone, completely gone, is the idea that the team is in anything other than full-on rebuilding mode. Last season the Vikings drafted Christian Ponder to be their quarterback of the future, but brought in Donovan McNabb to be the quarterback of the moment, still thinking they weren't too far from being the 2009 team that had driven to within one game of the Super Bowl. But in the two seasons since 2009, the Vikings have fallen far from being contenders at the top of the NFC North. In 2012 the Vikings are emerging under the direction of both a second-year head coach and a second-year starting quarterback in a new role--scrappy underdog. With a roster that is radically different from last year and lowered expectations from pretty much the whole league, fans are going to learn to cheer for new players, and embrace seeing a team that crashed and burned try rise up from the ashes.

The second song in the running for our working title track, here's Foo Fighters "Times Like These" submitted by vikings68.

When it comes to the NFL there's generally only one guarantee, that teams will face off and some of them will win and others will lose. Of course, with the NFL Lockout that happened last season, even that was far from certain. If the last couple seasons have shown us anything it is that you never know what is going to happen. Will a veteran quarterback have a career year or flame out with injury and declining skills? Will the defensive secondary manage to stay out of jail and stay healthy? Will the offensive line protect the quarterback or let him get pummeled? All the questions essentially boil down to the same thing, will the Vikings suck this year? We never know, but we always wonder.

Our final selection is Andrew Zilch's song "Will the Vikings Suck This Year?" submitted by NORviking.

And this is your obligatory warning, there are a few naughty words in this song. If profanity offends you, don't listen to this song.

There they are, the final three songs vying to be the working title track for the 2012 Vikings Season Soundtrack. Cast your vote in the poll below and let us know what song will be our working title this season.