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And So the Plot Thickens

The Vikings' daily soap opera continues, this time with continued guest appearances by the Houston Police department and Rusty Hardin - lawyer for our own Adrian Peterson.

In the latest development of our saga, Adrian Peterson reportedly visited a local hospital for facial injuries:

Specifically, Hardin said the doctor examined bruises over one of Peterson's eyes suffered during the altercation and that Peterson's shoulders were wrenched as well.

While his booking photo shows no visible sign of injury, one of our intelligent and well-read (and handsome) members of our community pointed out that black eyes take time to appear, and that the next picture of Adrian Peterson may not be so pretty.

Certainly this fits well with Hardin's strategy of painting Peterson as the victim in the incident at Bayou! Live nightclub. This may also suggest a potential countersuit by Hardin and Peterson against either the nightclub or the Houston Police department, although there are no media reports or indications by Hardin that this is the case.

This also sheds a new light on reports that Peterson suffered from breathing problems when brought into the station. Hardin further claimed that Peterson was put into a headlock by the arresting officer.

The Houston Police department has continued sticking to its story, and seemingly may not comment until his arraignment on Friday. Peterson's lawyer claims that multiple witnesses will corroborate his claims that Peterson was not the aggressor and that he was "a perfect gentleman." For what it's worth, Hardin also says that the truth will be revealed when the court releases or reviews the security tape from the club, as the other video recordings are incomplete.

On that count, he's right.

MAJOR UPDATE: According to Mike Florio over at Profootballtalk, there is NO surveillance video from the incident. As the World Turns...