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Lester Bagley, Julie Rosen, Morrie Lanning, Mark Dayton To Be Awarded For Stadium Efforts

The Politics in Minnesota group will be handing out the 2011 Leaders in Public Policy awards this coming Tuesday, which represent significant achievements in the realm of public policy by politicians, lobbyists, and other such figures. Amongst the winners will be the above mentioned, who will be honored with an award for Public Policy Achievement in the realm of Sports.

Obviously we all know why Lester Bagley is winning this award; he was the 'tip of the spear' in the Vikings' quest to get a new stadium, and shares a very large amount of responsibility in that success. It's nice to see that Sen. Rosen, Rep. Lanning, and Gov. Dayton will also be receiving the award as well- as much as Bagley did, nothing could have happened without the efforts of these fine politicians (who deserve your votes should you live in their areas).

In other news, Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers will be receiving the 'Tool of the Year' award from the 'Useless As A Wet Towel' organization. I don't know, that might have been a dream. But it sure feels real.

Congrats to Bagley and co. for their well earned award!

Edit: Don't forget to reminisce a little by checking out the DN exclusive Lester Bagley interview here.