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Where We Tell You What's In Store For Training Camp

Can I help it if I. . .still dream time to time?

Okay, so we've been promising some pretty significant news about our coverage of Training Camp this year and, now that we finally have confirmation of what's going to be happening, we can share it with you folks.

Before I get too far into the details, I have to give serious props to Ted on this. He's pretty much been the media liaison between us and the Minnesota Vikings for a while now, and he's the one that has facilitated much of this. So, what I'm getting ready to tell you is due in large part to him.

Head on past the jump and we'll give you the lowdown.

First of all, we're going to have four different members of the DN team rotating through the practices in Mankato this year. The team has asked us to limit our posse to two at a time. . .does two people constitute a posse. . .but we will be switching folks in and out in order to give everybody a chance to cover some things. So, you'll be reading reports from Eric (who is still alive, I promise), Skol Girl, Kyle, and Arif during this year's proceedings. Ted, Mark, and I are going to have to sit this one out, unfortunately. But, as anyone that's been reading us for any length of time knows, there are no bad writers on this site, so you'll be getting quality coverage from whoever is at the practices for a particular day.

Second, the folks at SB Nation are going to be supplying us with a sweet HD camera, so the folks at the camp will be able to put up some nice footage of the practices. . .whatever the team will allow us to tape. Don't need to be giving anything away, naturally. Maybe we can even snag a couple of players for some of their thoughts. . .again, whatever the team will give us access to.

Okay, here's the best part. . .well, one of the two best parts, anyway. . .the Minnesota Vikings have been gracious enough to give us access to the team's Training Camp for an entire week. That's significantly more than we got last year, which is pretty awesome. The dates that we will have folks at camp will be from Monday, July 30 to Saturday, August 4, to include the Saturday night scrimmage at Blakeslee Stadium in Mankato. That's six full days of news, notes, and coverage of our favorite football team as they prepare to embark on another season of NFL football.

Here's the other best part. . .outside of the usual Twin Cities and national media outlets, The Daily Norseman is the only "fan site" that has credentials for this year's Training Camp. Yes, wandering around camp will be the Pelisseros and Seiferts and Zulgads and PAs of the football media world. . .

And us.

Needless to say, we're all pretty freaking excited over this whole thing, and the opportunity to bring all of you the best coverage of Vikings' Training Camp possible is one that we intend to take full advantage of. You folks are a huge part of the reason that we're getting this opportunity, and we will be making every effort to pay you back in full for putting us where we are.

So, two weeks from Monday, DN will be invading Mankato in full force to cover Training Camp for the Minnesota Vikings. Just like the man in the clip at the beginning said. . .

It's good to be king. . .whatever it pays. . .