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Bryant McKinnie Wasn't 400 Lbs In Camp Last Year

Edit: Failed to see Viking22 mentioned this previously in the FanPosts. My bad dude- take your credit, and good job snagging that.

He was just 386, apparently. Or at least according to the big man himself, as he told Yahoo! Sports yesterday. According to him, the Vikings exaggerated his weight when they released him from the team last pre-season.

Of course, the Ravens picked him up and McKinnie actually had a decent year playing LT, with the team making it within a botched field goal of the Super Bowl. BTW Ravens fans, please don't think I'm mocking you for that- if anyone understands the pain of a field goal changing whether you go to the Super Bowl or not, it's Viking fans.

Of course, McKinnie has returned to old habits, struggling once again to reach playing weight for the upcoming training camp. According to him, he's down to 350. Now, I can't say what exactly the ‘ideal' weight various coaching staffs may have for McKinnie, but this really seems like it's becoming a recurring theme. I had personally thought McKinnie, for as much as despised his laziness while he was here, was going to go on to have quite the career in Baltimore. After all, we all accepted he had the talent- it was just whether he had the work ethic to match, and I figured the kick in the arse he received when Frazier and co. gave him the boot was what he needed to actually turn things around. Looks like that may not be the case here, but we'll see; let's face it, McKinnie trying to get to playing weight before arriving to training camp is considerable improvement over last offseason.

On a personal side note here, I hope McKinnie gets a bead on this whole weight fluctuation thing. I don't know what all he did to go from being too fat to play in Minnesota to 'slim' enough to play in Baltimore last offseason, but I would imagine certain tactics were undertaken that are not always medically recommended. (I don't mean to imply any use of banned substances or any other actually illegal tactics there, mind you.) And in general, having your weight fluctuate so rapidly every year is also not medically advisable. As much as I harped on him for his laziness here, I certainly don't wish for him to suffer from an early heart attack or any other such unfortunate episode, but it's hard to watch what he does time and time again and not expect it.