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Do You Like Watching Vikings Games? Do You Like Ice Cream?

If the answer to either question is no... get the hell off of my blog.

Anyhoo, while this might be a bit of an odd thing for me to be posting on the Daily Norseman, you can satisfy your cravings for both courtesy... the Indianapolis Colts. They are hosting a give-away for not only a pair of sideline seats to their home opener against, well, us, but also for a YEAR'S SUPPLY of Blue Bell Ice Cream (who happen to be an Indianapolis Colts sponsor). While I'm guessing the contest is really meant for Colt fans, I see no reason why Vikings fans (or really, anybody a fan of watching a football game from the sidelines and eating a metric butt-load of ice cream) cannot or should not enter. I sure as heck know I entered.

It's pretty straightforward- you enter some basic information, click 'accept' on those terms and conditions that nobody ever actually reads, and you're entered. Click here to join in- I was tempted to just not include the link and make you guys work for it (seeing as how every one of you who enter become competition for my entry), but I didn't have the heart. Be aware near the bottom there's one of those little "do you want your info to be shared" options that's automatically on yes, so unless you want to be kept up-to-date on Indianapolis Colts offers (and maybe you do), be sure to switch it to no.

Good luck! If one of us wins, I fully expect a FanPost on the subject. And for you to share one of the tickets with me because I told you about it.