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Throwback Tuesday: Watch A Classic 1972 Vikings-Steelers Game

Many Daily Norseman readers around my age (I'm a full year into my 30s now) have never seen the Vikings play in a Super Bowl. We know all about the legendary teams of the 1970s, from Fran Tarkenton to Carl Eller to Alan Page to Bud Grant. But technology back then just wasn't what it is now, which means many of us have seen precious little footage of the Vikings greats of yesteryear.

That's where YouTube comes in.

Kevin Cusick of the Pioneer Press recently unearthed a true YouTube gem for Minnesota Vikings fans: footage of an entire 1972 game between the Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

To say this game was star-studded would be a severe understatement. This matchup was littered with future Hall of Famers--Tarkenton, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Paul Krause (who was credited with both throwing a pass and a rush in this game, believe it or not), and Carl Eller were all there.

Minnesota would finish 7-7 in 1972 but would make the Super Bowl in three of the next four seasons. Although the Vikings lost at Three Rivers Stadium that November day, the videos are still worth checking out in their entirety. The old-school presentation will definitely fire up some nostalgia and there are are some absolute gems when the commercial breaks kick in.

The first half video is below and the second half is after the jump. Enjoy!