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Governor Mark Dayton Agrees He Said Something Pretty Stupid

We all read yesterday about how Gov. Mark Dayton (Lifetime Friend Of The Norseman) made a ‘whoopsies' and said something, well, quite dumb. In case you didn't read it, essentially it comes down to him saying that the reason he feels so many NFLer's end up spending some of their offseason in courts/ jail cells is because they apparently suffer from PTSD, ya know, just like a soldier who recently returned from Iraq/ Afghanistan. ‘Cuz NFLer's are just like soldiers who have been to war.

I won't rehash the quite well-worded breakdown of that that Mr. Glover posted, however I would like to point out that thankfully, Gov. Dayton is aware that what he said, well, just wasn't the brightest. He's released a statement that expresses not only his remorse for a poorly worded turn of phrase, but also his highest regards and respect for the military who have sacrificed so much to actually serve in a real war (not, you know, a game) for the good of their country.

And somehow he managed to do it without referencing armor. But the point is Gov. Dayton said something stupid, recognized the mistake, and apologized. Not much more at this point we can ask of the man.

Who, as Ted ended his story by reminding us all, is a Lifetime Friend Of The Norseman.