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Vikings' Quarterback Coach Pleased With Christian Ponder's Progress

In getting to be a part of a real NFL off-season program for the first time, along with being given a bevy of new targets to get acquainted with, this summer has been an important one in the development of Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Christian Ponder.

According to Ponder's position coach, Craig Johnson, Ponder has apparently taken full advantage of his opportunities this off-season, and has made significant improvements. Judd Zulgad of ESPN 1500 got a chance to sit down with Johnson and talk about Ponder's progress. Be sure to read the whole thing. . .but here's a little bit to get you started.

Q. How far has Ponder come from the end of last season until now?

A. "I think there's no question, he's come light years. Obviously getting a chance to work out a lot of the kinks, a lot of the problems that you find out as a young player, that's when you get a chance to work on them is usually in the first offseason afterwards. Having been through this with a couple of other quarterbacks, I kind of know how it goes.

"They go back (and say), 'I can't believe I did this,' or, 'Oh my God, this is so clear now.' You kind of have to put them through the paces for them to understand what's good and bad about each play. I think he's really done a good job with that. ... He's making the mistakes like other guys do, but as he's going through them he learns how to work through them and he's making many fewer mistakes because the game is starting to slow down. That's what you look for."

Enjoy the interview!