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Leslie Frazier Is Awesome

Minnesota Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier had his struggles last season on the sidelines. Off the field, however, it seems as though the guy gets it.

Frazier is touring around the Persian Gulf this week, visiting American troops in the region as a part of the third annual NFL-USO Coaches Tour. Frazier is the only currently active NFL coach on the trip, being joined by former Steelers' head coach Bill Cowher and former Jets and Browns head coach Eric Mangini, among others.

''It seemed like a small thing to do for all they do,'' Frazier, the Minnesota Vikings' coach, said in a phone interview Monday.


Frazier said when he got back, he'd remind his daughter that whenever she sees servicemen and women, to thank them. And he won't have much patience if his players gripe about the heat during training camp.

''It just puts in perspective that there's nothing you should ever complain about,'' he said.

Huge kudos to Coach Frazier, as well as Cowher, Mangini, and the rest of the coaches on this USO tour, for doing this for America's men and women in uniform. With Independence Day coming up on Wednesday, it's great that these men are taking the opportunity to let the troops know that they're appreciated.