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For Once, Somebody Finally Said 'It's About The Money'

Hey, raise your hands if you made a million bucks a game in 2010!
Hey, raise your hands if you made a million bucks a game in 2010!

Let's dip back into the PFT well once more. I don't know if you guys have watched it on the NFL Network the last couple of nights, but Deion Sanders did a one on one interview with Brett Favre, and it was spread out over two nights. I haven't seen it, but PFT pulled an excerpt from it regarding Favre's 2010 season with the Vikes, which turned out to be the last of his sure to be Hall of Fame career.

And for once, an athlete was honest about the money they make. When asked why he came back in 2010 after a magical 2009, Favre said:

"First of all, the money was too good," Favre told Deion Sanders on NFL Network. "The money was too good, and I hate to say it’s about money. But, you know, I felt the money was a lot."

Personally, I was glad he came back in 2010. I don't think anyone thought, at least deep down, that he could match the 2009 season, and even Favre knew that coming back, but $16.5 million was too much to turn down.

Favre said "it was going to be next to impossible" to have as good a year in 2010 as the Vikings had in 2009. "Now, that’s not to say I didn’t give my all," Favre said. "It just wasn’t to be, and I think I knew that. I really know it now."

I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. I don't think Favre purposely tanked the season or anything, but it didn't seem the personal motivation, spark, whatever it is you want to call it--and not only him, but a lot of guys--wasn't there either.

50 years from now, if I'm still lucky enough to be walking this earth, if you ask me was 2009 worth it even though the final result was 2010 and beyond, I'll still say yes.

And I'll still say 'thanks, Brett, for 2009. It was a hell of a run."