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Meet Your Beloved DN Writers During Training Camp

Hello faithful readers and friends. As it turns out, I will be covering the Minnesota Vikings 2012 training camp on behalf of the Daily Norseman. Now, put away the cyanide... Skol Girl will be there as well. At least while I'm there, as the good fellows Eric Thompson and Arif Hasan will be also be there as well, but not during concurrent time periods. Ergo, while I have managed to trick these otherwise intelligent and noble people that I am somehow capable of handling this assignment, I won't be alone and therefore have greatly reduced my chances/ opportunities for what the kids call "epic fail".

Anyhoo... I had a great time last season during the first game against Green Bay wherein I invited a few fellow Floridians out to watch the game with me. (Totally helped assuage the crippling loneliness and depression.) We had a great time, and I feel like using this as an opportunity to meet a few more of the awesome readers and members of the Daily Norseman. Oh, and you can meet Skol Girl too, I guess. But I know it's really me you all want to meet.



Okeedokee then. Skol Girl and I shall be covering the training camp happenings of our beloved Purple Pride Thursday- Saturday. This means that she and I will be available during those days after the actual training camp, and we'd love to meet some of you guys. And when I say during those days, I really mean Thursday/ Friday, because I'll probably be flying back Saturday night, hence limiting our precious time together. The thing is... we just don't know when and where!!! Skol Girl has been so kind as to provide some ideas on location, but we decided jointly to leave it up to you, the people (please don't read that in Bane's voice from The Dark Knight Rises...) to decide the when and where. One simple request- please don't ask for us to be available shortly after the actual training camp ends for the day. We not only will be busy typing furiously away to give you our reports for the day, but we probably will also be interviewing some guys, so we just won't be free. Look, we love you guys, really, but we're not going to say to Jared Allen "sorry dude, this interview is going great but we have to get out of here so we can meet up with some of our readers, so can it." Quite frankly, I feel that not only will you guys understand that... you'll probably also appreciate it. At least I know I will. (Seriously, you contemplate telling Jared Allen to "can it".) So try and limit suggestions to at least an hour after the actual conclusion of training camp.

So, hit up the comment section below and give some ideas for the when and where. Don't "rec" places/ times that you like. I mean, you can, this is a free country and all- but it will be a lot easier for Skol Girl and me to figure out popular consensus based off of actual comments. If there are two or more places/ times that are considered popular, then we'll put up a poll here by around Thursday to narrow it down, and make our announcement based off of that.

So, let's do this. Really looking forward to meeting a bunch of you guys, a sentiment that Skol Girl shares.

Also, I will sign autographs for $10 a pop. It's normally $15 but hey, I like you guys.