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Matt Kalil Signed

Signed.  Sealed.  Delivered.
Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Ladies and gentlemen, our short regional nightmare is over before it began: Matt Kalil signed his contract today and will report to Mankato for training camp on time.

If you'll remember, the hang up was on offset language, which is a way for a team to protect themselves financially in case the player doesn't make it through the life of the contract. With offset language, the team can recoup some of the guaranteed money, and is used as a way to help manage the salary cap and avoid a lot of dead money.

It was a matter of policy for the Vikings to include offset language in their contracts, but they apparently decided against that for Kalil. He will reportedly get a 4 year, $19.7 million dollar deal, all of it guaranteed, with $12.8 million received as a signing bonus.

So, with Kalil in the fold, the Vikings have all their draft picks signed.