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Adrian Peterson Will, Indeed, Start Camp On Active/PUP List

Hey, guys! Good to see everybody still here. After a couple of weeks off to tend to some family obligations up in God's Country, I'm back and ready for the fun ride that will be the 2012 Minnesota Vikings season. And with Training Camp starting today, we've already got a story.

As Ted speculated yesterday, star running back Adrian Peterson will be starting camp on the active/PUP list. This is according to numerous sources on the Twitter that have been reporting from the first walkthrough of Vikings' training camp this morning.

According to those sources, Peterson "put up a fight" to stay off of the active/PUP list, but it was a fight that he ultimately wound up losing. The team is attempting to be cautious with him, which they really can't be blamed for. . .Peterson is just so ultra competitive that he wants to be out there now. I have a feeling he'll be there soon enough.

We'll be having some stuff from Training Camp, among other things, over the next couple of days, with our big coverage kicking off on Monday. We'll have more on how to follow us during camp in the next day or two.