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Vikings Interested In Keeping Training Camp At Mankato

This is the last year the Vikings have on their contract with Minnesota State University to hold training camp there, but it appears both sides are eagerly working hard to extend that. This is the 47th year the Vikings have held training camp in Mankato, and not only did Jeff Anderson say that he was very happy with the arrangement, but the University is also pleased (well, of course) with the $100 grand they receive each year in said arrangement. Throw in the fact that local businesses also receive a windfall thanks to fans traveling in to watch Vikings training camp (alongside of course the illustrious, high rolling DN members who show up... oh, and I guess those other media guys too), and it all wraps up to what is likely a done deal.

So good news residents of Mankato- it looks like you get to have the best NFL team on the planet (yes, the planet) coming to hold training camp there for years to come.