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Remember When I Said Bryant McKinnie Was Going To Let The Ravens Down?

Maybe he just hates playing for teams that wear purple.
Maybe he just hates playing for teams that wear purple.

Cuz I totally did. Not in a story per se, but at least in my comments wherein I reflected a belief that while ol' McyD's did do well enough in 2011 to warrant the pick-up, he was going to disappoint the Ravens as much as he did us. Well, turns out that has begun.

Today it was announced the Ravens had fined McKinnie $30K for missing the opening of training camp, the reason being given by the team for his absence as "personal reasons". Whatever said reasons were (quick sessions with the Williams sisters, a can't-break-appointment at a Miami strip club, a lawsuit regarding money borrowed during the lockout, whatever), they weren't enough for the Ravens to not strip McKinnie of some valuable 'make it rain' cash. (Speculation there as to the actual intended use of the money.)

I harped on McKinnie when he was here with the Vikes for his laziness both on and off the field. I also stated recently, and will continue to adhere to, a wish for no personal misfortune befalling him. That said, while I don't know what the "personal issues" are that are keeping him from attending the Raven's training camp, it does not bode well that the team regardless sees fit to fine him.

Here's also to us having one Mr. Matt Kalil as our left tackle, and not this guy.