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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football Signup Coming Later Today

Yes, it's that time of year, ladies and gentlemen. Fantasy football season is upon us and, like last season, we will be partnering up with the folks from Yahoo! Fantasy Football to bring you the Daily Norseman's official fantasy football league for 2012.

Now, I've thought about what would be the best and fairest way to put the league together, and I can't come up with anything that great, so I'm going to go with this:

The post that will have all of the sign-up information for the first DN league is scheduled to appear on this very site at 6 PM Central time. At that point, it will be first come, first serve for spots in the league. Now, while this particular league will have the title of the Daily Norseman's official league, people can feel free to use the site here (preferably with the Yahoo! platform) to form up fantasy football leagues among members. I'd create more than one, but that means that (unless I've missed something) I would have to be in all of those leagues, and yours truly has neither the time nor the desire to be in a ton of fantasy football leagues. So, if you don't get into the league that details will be posted about at 6 PM, feel free to organize a league on your own.

Also, if you do sign up for the league that details will be posted on at 6 PM, please e-mail me your DN member name and your team name. (Send it to DailyNorseman AT Gmail DOT com.) If I don't get that from you, I will remove you from the league. I want to make sure that this league is comprised of members of the DN community.

Keep in mind that the date and time shown for the draft is not set in stone. I don't know what my August work schedule looks like at this point, but once I find a time that works, I'll put it out there for league members. So, don't let the currently set time and date discourage you from joining. And, yes, I know that there isn't a time that will work for all 12 league members. I will simply try to accommodate as many members as possible.

So, if your fantasy football itch needs scratching, be sure to be on the site here at 6 PM Central time!