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Kevin Williams Approaches Vikings About Contract Extension

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For the better part of his NFL career, Kevin Williams has been one of the top defensive tackles in the National Football League. He finished last season strong, registering five sacks in the team's last seven games, and is entering the final year of his contract. The team has a two-year option that they could pick up after the season, but it's a rather pricey one. . .it would cost the Vikings nearly $17 million over two years.

In an effort to continue his career in Minnesota, Williams has apparently approached the team about a contract extension, one that would (presumably) be cheaper than the team option the team currently has. He understands that the Vikings would have a lot of trouble picking up his option if he doesn't have a big year.

For a player hoping for at least another three more NFL seasons, Williams knows the Vikings might not want to retain him if he has a "bum year."

"But I don't plan on doing that, and I know they don't plan on me doing that," Williams said. "I plan on having the best year ever, and we can move on from there. You definitely want to show you can still be one of the top guys, if not the top dog in the league."

A healthy and motivated Kevin Williams is a big asset for the Minnesota Vikings. . .and, potentially, a huge problem for Vikings' opponents. Here's hoping that #93 has a big enough season to either force the Vikings to pick up his option or give him the contract extension he's seeking.