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Remember The One Where KJSegall Said He Was Going To Go To Training Camp?

Yeah, that was a funny one wasn't it. Haha-funny.

In what I'm sure is well-received news all around I am unfortunately going to have to let my fellow writers here as well as you all down. Due to a personal emergency that has arisen it is no longer feasible for me to make the flight up to Minnesota. I can't express here how much this breaks my heart, and likewise how sorry I am to everyone for this.

The good news is that Skol Girl will still be there, and I'm sure none of you will even notice the difference, as we all know she will give us the best possible coverage any writer could give you fine Viking fans. Of course, since I will be letting her down in a big way and increasing her workload considerably, this also necessitates the cancelation of the meet-up we were planning; it's just not fair to ask her to not only provide the work of two, but to also make time in a now incredibly busy schedule to hang out. Since we all know that you would prefer the best and most complete coverage, she'll be focusing on that.

Again, I am very sorry to everyone here for this, and in particular to Chris, Ted, and Eric, who have given me such a wonderful opportunity here at DN just for me to waste it. I'm of course sorry as well to Mark and Arif for letting them down as fellow writers, and in particular to Skol Girl for essentially abandoning her at the last second. And of course, to you the readers, for not being able to provide what I said I would, I can only offer my sincerest apologies.