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Adrian Peterson And The Case Of The Killer Jambalaya

"The food made made my throat feel like this." [Crushes poor kid's head with iron grip]
"The food made made my throat feel like this." [Crushes poor kid's head with iron grip]

Up until last December, we thought Adrian Peterson was indestructible.

Up until Monday, we thought the only thing that could stop Adrian Peterson was a horribly timed helmet to the knee.

After Monday, we know that there are two things that can stop Adrian Peterson: a horribly timed helmet to the knee, and...


Yes, the popular creole dish was the culprit that scared the bejeezus out of everyone when the rest of his team was going through its first practice in full pads. Adrian Peterson met with the press on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the frightening food allergy incident and how the rehab on his knee is going.

The allergic reaction came as a surprise to Peterson because the type of food he got it from isn't uncommon to him. "I eat seafood all the time. Crawfish, crab legs...I'm not exactly sure what it is, but obviously it was scary," Peterson explained. "But I'm feeling good now."

He noticed something was wrong shortly after eating the jambalaya, feeling dizziness and tightness in his throat. "My face swelled up, my eyes swelled up, I couldn't breathe out my nose. I guess Eric [Sugarman, Vikings head trainer] could hear it in my voice." Peterson explained that it was scary, but he never panicked. He knows that the jambalaya (from the Vikings team cafeteria) caused the reaction, but he's not sure what ingredient did it.

Although his ordeal landed him with an IV full of Benadryl in the emergency room for a while the day before, Peterson claims that his workout on Tuesday went well. "I feel like I was able to flush my body and I feel like they had a good workout for me today. I feel rejuvenated, just ready to get back into the rhythm of things." When asked about his thoughts on his tumultuous offseason, he simply replied, "Life. Full of ups and downs. It's all about how you bounce back from it."

Peterson told everyone that he and Leslie Frazier have discussed when he'll return, but they've said everything they need to say and he's just working to get back on the field. "I still want to play in a preseason game, and that's the only way to get out here and really get back to normal. Hopefully I get the opportunity to do that."

As for the regular season? "I feel like I'll be ready to play. You guys will have to stay tuned."

Finally, you can count Adrian Peterson in as one of the people in favor of a retractable roof on the new Vikings stadium. "It's beautiful here in Minnesota. Open the top and let the sun shine in...but when the snow falls? Close it! So retractable would work perfect for me."

Hopefully Peterson's rehab continues on the right track and jambalaya is the last thing that slows him down for a very long time.