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Different Account Of Adrian Peterson's Arrest Emerges

Hat tip to the folks over at The Viking Age for getting to this one before we did.

An account of Adrian Peterson's arrest in Houston has been put out at Houston ABC affiliate KTRK. It is a decidedly different account than the one from the Pro Football Talk article that we linked to earlier. According to this account,

Police said he was at a bar with a group of people when an off-duty HPD officer working security asked them to leave because the bar was closing.

The group did not leave, so the off-duty officer asked them again. That's when, officials said, Peterson pushed the officer's shoulder and caused him to stumble.

Investigators said the officer then told Peterson he was under arrest and asked him to turn around, but Peterson began yelling and struggling witht he officer.

It took three off-duty officers to handcuff Peterson.

Now, the PFT article we linked to earlier today mentioned no shoving of anybody or anything of that nature. Obviously, if things went down the way this account says they did, then things take on a decidedly different look, and Peterson would have clearly been in the wrong. According to the Texas Penal Code,

The Texas Penal Code defines resisting arrest, search or transportation in Section 38.03, stating that "a person commits an offense if he intentionally prevents or obstructs a person he knows is a peace officer or a person acting in a peace officer's presence and at his direction from effecting an arrest, search, or transportation of the actor or another by using force against the peace officer or another."

There is still video of this incident that has yet to come out, and that will likely bring more clarity to the situation, but now we have two decidedly different accounts of what happened in Houston in the early hours of Saturday morning. Unfortunately, things don't look quite as good for AP as they may have a few hours ago.