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The Only Thing I Will Say On The Adrian Peterson Matter

Imma run and get a drink.  No, it'll be fine.
Imma run and get a drink. No, it'll be fine.

So, Adrian Peterson was involved in a fracas down in Texas. My Dad has given me some solid advice over the years, and a couple sage pieces of said advice come to mind right about now:

"Son, nothing good happens after midnight. Have your ass home by 11:59 and your life will turn out okay."

"If you're stupid enough to pick a fight with a cop, expect to lose, and don't expect me to bail your ass out of jail because you decided to be a moron."

So, now we let the law run it's course. And no matter what, this is how I feel about it:

I don't care.

I don't care if he got out of control because he can't hold his booze.

I don't care if he felt a sense of entitlement and picked a fight with a cop and was arrested.

I don't care if it took three cops to subdue him. I think that's kind of awesome, in a badass Chuck Norris sort of way, but I don't care.

I don't care if Adrian Peterson was apologetic afterwards.

All I care about are the answers to these questions:

1) Can Adrian Peterson play as a Minnesota Viking in 2012?

2) Do the Vikings feel his conduct is such that he can remain an employee of the Vikings?

If the answers to those questions are yes, great. I'm wearing my AP jersey every Sunday and will cheer my ass off for him.

If those answers are no, then I move on. I said it during the Chris Cook trial, and I'll say it again. It isn't our job to be a moral arbitrator on the conduct of athletes and celebrities. I quit doing it a few years back, and view these players as just that--players. It's not my job to pass judgement, and it's not my job to condemn them if they are deemed employable by the Vikings and the NFL.

They are people, just like us, and they do stupid things sometimes. If his actions, whatever they may or may not be, are deemed worthy by the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings to continue, then cool by me.