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Jack Jablonski To Sound Gjallarhorn Before Friday's Game

The comeback story of Minnesota high schooler Jack Jablonski will continue on Friday night at the Metrodome, as the team has announced that he will be sounding the gjallarhorn prior to the kickoff of the exhibition game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills.

Jablonski is 16 years old, and while playing hockey for Benilde-St. Margaret's (St. Louis Park) junior varsity, was checked from behind. The hit left him a quadraplegic, and doctors were almost unanimous in their prognosis that he would never walk again. However, Jablonski is attempting to prove everyone wrong, and has now reached the point where he is able to crawl. . .far more than it was thought he'd be able to do again after his injury.

According to accounts on Twitter, Jablonski (who was attending today's final Training Camp practice in Mankato) was asked by linebacker Chad Greenway to do the honors on Friday night, and immediately accepted.

Kudos to the Minnesota Vikings for giving Jablonski this opportunity. Hopefully the custodial staff at the Metrodome will put in a little bit of overtime to combat the extra dust that will likely find its way into the building right around the time Jablonski sounds the horn.