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Fan-Connect Open-Thread: Vikings vs. Bills

Check out quarterback Christian Ponder's progress on Friday night when the Vikings take on the Buffalo Bills at the Metrodome. <strong><em>Skol!</em></strong>
Check out quarterback Christian Ponder's progress on Friday night when the Vikings take on the Buffalo Bills at the Metrodome. Skol!

Seemed like this worked fairly well last week, so I thought we'd try another fan-connect post in honor of the preseason game between our Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills. This time I thought I'd post the thread a day earlier, tell me what you think.

Friday night's home game will be at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis and, if you want to go to the game, tickets are still available. While heading off to a preseason game where the Vikings are facing an AFC East team that held down the bottom of it's division last season might not seem like the best use of your entertainment budget, there are still some reasons to show up and cheer for the Purple in person. Here are a few of those reasons:

Reasons to head to the game and game info after the jump!

  • The tickets are cheap. Really cheap. While getting good seats to a regular season game might have you wondering what price your left kidney would fetch on the black market, preseason is a chance for you to see your team for a lower price. Bring that kid of yours who's just getting interested in the team. Make it a date night activity--do you really want to do dinner and a movie again? Use it as a chance to try out your elaborate game day fashions.
  • Jack Jablonski. Chad Greenway asked Jack on the last day of training camp in Mankato if he'd be willing to blow the gjallerhorn at the start of Friday night's game, Jack readily agreed. That's a big deal because Jablonski is a Minnesota high school hockey player who suffered a horrific spinal injury in December. The chances of Jablonski ever being able to use both of his arms after the accident were slim, but, about 8 months after the injury, not only is Jablonski using both arms, he's starting to be able to crawl with the help of a physical therapist. When it comes to spinal injuries, that is nothing short of miraculous. Seeing Jack sound the gjallerhorn at the start of Friday night's game amounts to witnessing a miracle.
  • The weather is going to be wonderful for spending an afternoon and evening in Minneapolis. Like most of the country, Minnesota suffered one of the hottest summers on record, where being outside for any length of time felt more like hanging out in a fire-breather's mouth than summer fun. However, we've had a cool front move in and Friday the high is supposed to be 74 degrees. That's perfect weather for going to Brit's Pub where you can beat your friends at lawn bowling on the rooftop patio before heading over to the game--all without melting. Lawn bowling not your thing? Still plenty of patios for you and your game-day posse to enjoy before heading to the game.
  • It's been too long since you've been able to see the Vikings play. The NFL off season seems to go on forever. With a sport as violent as football, that long off season is important, but it's still a long time to wait to see your team take the field. The Vikings haven't played a home game since January 1, 2012 against the Chicago Bears when Jared Allen broke the Vikings' single season sack record formerly held by Chris Doleman. That's more than eight months. After a wait that long, you deserve to go to a game, to see the team take the field, to hear the crash of pads and players.

There are four reasons to go to Friday night's game, but I'm sure our community here at DN can think of more. Oh, and here are driving directions to the game as well as the site for Minnesota's Metro Transit if you want to take public transportation to the game.

Not able to go to the game? Hey, it happens. In Minnesota the game will be shown on KARE 11 (the Twin Cities' NBC affiliate) at 7pm CDT. The NFL is making preseason games available online, but for a price. Not ideal, but not terrible. And, if you can listen, but can't watch the game, the Vikings Radio Network has network affiliates across the upper midwest broadcasting their coverage so you can hear the game.

So, now that we've covered why you should go to the game, how to get there, and how to see it or hear it if you aren't at the game, dish--what are your plans for Friday night's game? How are you watching the game? Do you have friends coming over? What are you grilling? Definitely tell me what you're serving--I'm hungry.

Next week the Vikings have another home game, playing the San Diego Chargers at Mall of America Field. Who's prepping for the game by watching Anchorman?