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Vikings Might Have Two Seasons At TCF Bank Stadium Instead Of One

Hey, we haven't talked stadium for a while, but there's a tidbit from Charley Walters in the St. Paul Pioneer Press that may signal a change in the Vikings' stadium plans. Not whether a stadium is actually getting built, mind you. . .I'm looking at you here, ESPN. . .but how many seasons the Metrodome has left.

Ted Mondale, who heads the new Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority that will oversee the new Vikings stadium on the site of the Metrodome, said one of the undecided questions about the stadium is whether the Vikings will continue to play in the Dome in 2014 or at the Gophers' TCF Bank Stadium that year.

Although the plan six months ago was to play one season (2015) at the Gophers' stadium, there is now a chance the Vikings could end up playing two seasons there. A decision is expected next spring.

I don't think that the change for the new blackout rule has anything to do with the potential of having to play two seasons at TCF Bank Stadium, as the rule is based on percentage of stadium capacity and not the actual number of tickets sold. But, as it stands now, the Minnesota Vikings may only have two seasons remaining in the Metrodome (2012 and 2013) rather than the three that were originally anticipated. We'll have to see how it plays out.

Also included in the story is word that the Vikings will be selecting a stadium architect next month. The favorite in the clubhouse, in my opinion, is probably Populous. . .the design firm, not the classic video game. They're the folks that were behind TCF Bank Stadium. A company called HKS has some designs for a "Metrodome Next" on their website as well. Either way, hopefully we'll be getting some of those nifty stadium sketches that people seem to like so much so we can see the awesomeness that will be the new Minnesota Vikings stadium.