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The Hot, Hot, Hot Thursday Morning Walk-Thru

The Thursday morning walk-thru is done and I'm glad. Not that it isn't still a trip to get to be there, but it's stupid hot outside. I'm dreading the afternoon because I'll probably melt into a little goo ball. Can't imagine what it's like for the players to have to work in this weather this afternoon.

There was a little change up this morning and the morning walk-thru did not take place on the practice fields, but at Blakeslee Stadium. For you folks at home, big whoop-di-doo, but for those of us standing out there trying not to sweat, this made for really boring viewing because we were confined to standing behind the end zone. You can't really get a good view of formations and stuff like that. Mostly, I got a good view of all the players' calves.

After practice I was making a beeline for the shade of Bill Musgrave's press conference when I was waylaid by the chance to talk to linebacker Erin Henderson. I talked with Henderson last summer and it seemed like a good omen to start things out this summer chatting with him. Not only is he a good linebacker, but Henderson is charming and easygoing, a shy person's dream interview. I'll post the interview later.

Following our chat, I was able to catch the last snippet of Musgrave's presser. He talked about evaluating the offensive line as a unit instead of individually. Seems like a wise approach considering how imperative chemistry is to helping a line to function effectively. One can hope that the mini-camps and these three hot weeks in Mankato will prove effective at creating that chemistry.

Damn, it's hot.