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It Looks Like The London Thing Is Off Again

EDIT: Of course, now there's this from NFL Network reporter Albert Breer, via the Twitter.

I think I'm pretty much giving up on trying to speculate about the whole London thing. With two games a year at Wembley, there's a chance it could happen after all. -Chris

Over the weekend, we brought you the speculation that the Minnesota Vikings could be a candidate to play some regular season games in London, England during the years their new stadium was being constructed.

If you were getting excited over the idea, I apologize for getting you stirred up. . .because, according to the Associated Press, the honor of being the "home team" for a series of games at Wembley Stadium is going to go to one of the few teams that is (probably) worse off in the revenue department than the Vikings are.

A person familiar with the situation said Monday that the Jaguars are going to play multiple home games in London beginning in 2013.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owner Shad Khan want to make a formal announcement Tuesday afternoon in Jacksonville. The person said the Jaguars will play a total of four home games in London, one each year between 2013 and 2016.

Fear not, though, Vikings fans. With the Vikings hosting the Jaguars in this year's season opener, that means they're scheduled for a trip to Jacksonville in. . .2016. Since the NFL started playing in London on an annual basis, four of the five games have been inter-conference match-ups. In fact, last year's game between the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the first one to be contested between teams in the same conference. With that being the case, maybe the Vikings have a shot at playing a game at Wembley Stadium after all.

Just not for a while.