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Quite Possibly The Most Awesome Vikings Gift In The History Of Ever

First, there was the Key West Coconut Viking.

Recently in the mail I received the greatest Hawaiian shirt ever. It is now my official Watching The Vikings With My Dad shirt on Sundays. Sorry, AP jersey. Maybe after the first snowfall I'll switch.

But I now give you the Greatest Vikings Thing Ever, courtesy of daughter the oldest and the budding entrepreneurship of the Czech Republic, all which coincided for my birthday. I present the Perfect Storm of Awesomeness, handmade and hand painted Vikings Nesting Dolls:


Coolest thing ever? Coolest thing ever.

That's AP, Gerhart, Chad Greenway, Percy Harvin, and Joe Webb, all unpacked and dress right dress.

Yes, it's okay to be jealous. No, you can't have them. No, my daughter won't buy some for you. But, if you're stationed in Germany, live in Germany, or know someone who does, these would make great Christmas gifts for you.

Not that I'm putting any ideas in your head or anything.