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San Diego Chargers at Minnesota Vikings: This Will Escalate Quickly



Date: 24 August 2012
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 7:00 PM Central Stadium: HHH Metrodome
Know Thy Foe: Bolts From The Blue
Chris' Prediction: Who cares, as long as everyone stays healthy
Final Score:

Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means. . .

Eh, there will be plenty of time for Anchorman jokes in the comments. Let's get to what we're looking for in tonight's game.

1) No injuries - Say it along with me, folks. . .this should be the main focus of every pre-season game.

2) Jasper in the middle - One of the concerns that folks more knowledgeable than myself have expressed is how Jasper Brinkley is coming back from his injury. The Vikings were confident enough in him to give him the starting middle linebacker spot without any (perceived) competition. The reports from the first couple of games have said that he's been tentative thus far, but that could be due to the injuries he's suffered. Brinkley bears watching this evening to see if he starts regaining those lost steps.

3) Punt return issues - One of the areas where the Vikings haven't had anyone really step up so far this pre-season is at punt returner. The Vikings have gone through a few options, such as Marcus Sherels and rookies Jarius Wright and Josh Robinson. Nobody has really taken the job by the throat and laid claim to it yet. Tonight could be a big opportunity for someone to make an impression on Leslie Frazier and company in the return game. . .we'll see if anyone takes it.

Kickoff is approximately one hour from now. Once again, I'm stuck at work for the evening, and will be listening to the game on what will (likely) be a significant delay. But, we'll have plenty of people floating in and out of the thread, so have at it, ladies and gentlemen!