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Yes, The Seahawks Released Terrell Owens; No, The Vikings Shouldn't Be Interested


Just coming across the wire is the news that the Seattle Seahawks have released wide receiver Terrell Owens. Owens signed with the Seahawks back on August 7 after, apparently, looking very impressive in a workout. Owens didn't play in the NFL in 2011 after spending 2010 with the Cincinnati Bengals.

In two pre-season games with the Seahawks, Owens caught two passes for 41 yards.

I'm guessing there will be folks out there that believe that the Minnesota Vikings should be interested in bringing Owens in. I'm not among those people. Don't get me wrong. . .Seattle has some talent at the wide receiver spot (probably more than the Vikings do), but it isn't exactly Carter, Moss, and Reed over there. Given the choice between a Terrell Owens, who would become the Vikings' oldest player as soon as the pen hit the paper on his contract, or younger guys like an Emmanuel Arceneaux or Stephen Burton, I'm pretty sure that the Vikings would be more inclined to skew younger. At least, I certainly hope they would be inclined that way.

So while we might hear some "buzz" about Terrell Owens and the Minnesota Vikings, I certainly hope that none of it comes to fruition.