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Today In Vikings Back-Up Quarterback News

Couple of tidbits about Minnesota Vikings back-up quarterbacks, both current and former.

In the former Vikings back-up quarterback news, the Seattle Seahawks have reportedly traded Tarvaris Jackson to the Buffalo Bills for an undisclosed return. According to Adam Schefter, the deal is done, but the Bills and Jackson are attempting to work out a contract.

This begs the question. . .if the Bills' back-up quarterback battle was allegedly between Vince Young and Tyler Thigpen, how thoroughly unimpressed must the Buffalo front office have been with both of those guys in order to swing this deal? We entertained the possibility of Jackson coming back to Minnesota earlier this week, and from what I could gather reading the comments there, most people are going to be quite happy that it didn't happen.

Now, in current Vikings back-up quarterback news, we have this from Tom Pelissero via the Twitter.

Apparently the team has seen enough out of Christian Ponder and company to decide that they're going to rest pretty much everybody on Thursday night when the team travels to the Lone Star State to take on the Houston Texans. Can't say that I have that same level of confidence after that clunker that took place on Friday night, but I'm not running things in Minnesota. Hopefully the suspicions of the staff are right and, two weeks from today, the Minnesota Vikings will be ready to go.