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Hey, Jared Allen Agrees With Us!

At the conclusion of last season, with Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen having come up half a sack short of the NFL record of 22.5* held by Michael Strahan, we wondered aloud whether or not #69 got hosed out of a sack in Minnesota's trip to Lambeau Field. (Answer: Yes, he did.)

Today, about eight months after the fact, Allen appears to be in agreement with our assessment.

"They actually took one away from me in Green Bay," Allen told USA TODAY Sports. "I pushed my guy into (Aaron) Rodgers, he fumbled, and I touched him down. They gave it as a team sack, versus giving me the sack. That would've been the record right there."

That one would have given him 23, which would have put him atop the list for the most sacks in a season in NFL history. However, the official scorers didn't see it that way (for whatever reason), and Allen has to settle for just 22.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that Allen could make another run at the record this year, too. . .as the USA Today article notes, 13.5 of Allen's 22 sacks last season came against NFC North opponents, and none of those three teams made any significant upgrades at their left tackle position this off-season.

But the bigger point here is that the best pass rusher in the NFL totally reads our site and, since he agrees with us, obviously finds us to be well-informed and intelligent. That's what I'm taking away from it, anyway.