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Greg Childs Makes Ridiculous Catch In Thursday's Practice

EDIT: Thanks to filbert33 for pointing out this video with an even better angle of the catch so you can see exactly how ridiculous it was. -Chris

Hey there, gang. . .I know I haven't been around a heck of a lot lately, but I've basically been trying to not get in the way of the awesome Training Camp coverage that Eric, Arif, and Skol Girl have been providing. They've all been killing it this week, and I've wanted to let their stuff stand for a while.

But this is too good not to share.

This play happened towards the end of 11-on-11 drills yesterday, and features quarterback Joe Webb, wide receiver Greg Childs, and cornerback Brandon Burton. Check out this grab.

Burton has outstanding coverage on Childs, but Webb just put it up there anyway, and Childs manages to reach around Burton's helmet to make the grab. You can see Burton's helmet go flying off at the end, but Childs manages to keep possession of the ball all the way through the catch.

Childs has been kind of quiet during the initial week of Training Camp. . .maybe this is the sort of thing that he needed to get himself kick-started if he wants to be one of the primary guys replacing Jerome Simpson for the first three weeks of the Minnesota Vikings' 2012 season.