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The Pre-Season Comes To An End Tonight



Date: 30 August 2012
Location: Houston, TX
Time: 6:00 PM Central Stadium: Reliant Stadium
Know Thy Foe: Battle Red Blog
Chris' Prediction: Who cares, as long as everyone stays healthy
Final Score:

Live from the basement of the Alamo, it's the pre-season finale between the Minnesota Vikings and the Houston Texans.

Pretty much all of the starters are going to stay on the bench for the Vikings tonight, so what is there to look for?

1) For the love of everything good and holy, stay healthy - Really, we've made it this far without a lot of hassle, so let's keep it that way.

2) You down with MB-T? - As we mentioned in our non-starters to watch post earlier, McLeod Bethel-Thompson will be playing the entire second half for the Vikings at quarterback this evening. Will the Vikings be able to get him onto the practice squad, or will he be impressive enough tonight where another team winds up picking him up?

3) Who wants it more? - There are still a few roster spots up for grabs here, and the players who are fighting for them know who they are. One of the few redeeming things about the last pre-season game is watching those players bust it in order to secure a regular paycheck. We're going to see a lot of that from players on both sides tonight.

Kickoff is about an hour away, folks. . .yours truly might not be around a whole lot this evening, as I will probably be spending most of my time at the regional site doing updates for this evening's opener for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Be sure to check out The Daily Gopher and Off-Tackle Empire for coverage of that, if you're interested. . .you'll probably find Ted hanging around OTE in some capacity this evening, too. But, there will still be plenty of Vikings fans here for you to take in the game with, so enjoy!