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Join The Daily Norseman's NFL Survivor Pool!

Someone asked about this in the comments of one of today's earlier posts, and the answer is yes. . .we ARE doing a survivor pool for the NFL this season.

For the uninitiated, a survivor pool works like this. Every week, you pick one team that you think is an honest-to-goodness lock to win their game that particular week. If that team wins, you get to continue. If that team loses, you're out. However, if you get to continue, you can no longer pick a team that you were previously correct with.

For example, say in Week 1 you pick our beloved Minnesota Vikings to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars. If the Vikings should lose, you're through with the survivor pool (and you're going to be angry and surrounded by a bunch of angry Vikings fans anyway, which is just going to make everything worse). If the Vikings win, you get to continue on in the pool, but you can't pick the Vikings again for the rest of the year. This continues until there's only one person left, and that person is the sole survivor.

Make sense?

Now, yours truly is bad at this. Laughably bad. As in "I've been knocked out of the survivor pool in Week 1 for the last three or four years" bad. This year, I'm hoping to turn that around.

We will be using Yahoo! to run our survivor pool this year. If you want to sign up, hit this link and click the "Join a League" button. Here's the information.

League ID: 21520
Password: skolvikings

Hopefully a lot of you will get into the action of our survivor pool for this year. Enjoy!