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The Daily Norseman Pick 'Em League Is Up And Running

We announced our survivor pool yesterday, and now we've got a pool set up for folks to get into the act of predicting all the NFL games every week.

Yes, our 2012 Pick 'Em pool is up and running, and we're using Yahoo! Sports for that as well. If you want to join up, hit the link here, click the "Join a League" button, and enter the following information:

League ID: 47341
Password: skolvikings

Now, while we will not be using point spreads for the Pick 'Em pool, we are going to be using what Yahoo! refers to as "Confidence Points." The Confidence Points reflect. . .well, how confident you are in the outcome of a particular game. You can assign each game a point value from 1 to 16 (or however many games there are in a particular week). If your prediction comes true, you get that many points.

For example, going back to the Week 1 game between the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars. If you think the Vikings are a stone-cold, five-star, "I would bet my house, my car, and my dog" lock to beat the Jaguars, you would pick the Vikings and assign that game a point score of 16. If you were iffy about it, you would assign it a smaller number.

The pool is also set to drop the lowest point total for each player when computing the final figures at the end of the season. This is especially helpful if you're unable to get to the computer one week or something and you wind up with zero points because you didn't get to input your picks.

So, if you're interested in yet another way to compare your football IQ to your fellow Daily Norseman members, hit the link and sign up! Remember, first game is on Wednesday, so don't forget to get your picks in.