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Thanks To Everyone For A Great Week!

For those of you that are also followers (or "likers," I guess) of The Daily Norseman's Facebook Page. . .and, if you're not, why aren't you. . .you saw that Skol Girl has finished up her time at Minnesota Vikings training camp, and will be posting stuff over the next few days rather that posting it all at once. I know that you're all very much looking forward to seeing her perspective on some of the things she saw over the couple of days that she was there, as well as some of the opportunities she got to talk to some of the players and other members of our favorite football team.

With that, our week at the 2012 installment of Minnesota Vikings training camp has come to an end. Due to various personal commitments and other scheduling conflicts, we will not have anybody at Saturday's festivities, to include the Saturday night scrimmage at Blakeslee Stadium. While that is unfortunate, with all of the great coverage that we've received from Eric, Arif, and Skol Girl this week, it's not something we're that terribly disappointed about. Hopefully next year things will work out for that kind of thing.

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a huge thanks to Vikings PR guy Jeff Anderson for allowing The Daily Norseman to be a part of things in Mankato this year. We've developed a very good relationship with the Minnesota Vikings over the time we've been on the internet here, and Jeff has been a big reason for that. As we mentioned, we were the only site outside of the "normal" media sources that was allowed full access to training camp this year, and that shows exactly how highly the team thinks of not only us and the coverage that we provide, but of the community that we provide it to as well. We're very much looking forward to see how that relationship grows and develops going forward, but hopefully it will lead to us bringing you even more extensive coverage of our favorite football team going forward.

From reading the comments and such on all of the training camp coverage, it was great to see how much all of you appreciate the work that our three correspondents put in over the course of the past five days. They worked incredibly hard while they were there, and from some of the comments that have been put on Twitter and other places, people thought very highly of the job that they did. . .even favorably comparing us to some of the "big boys" that were in Mankato.

One week from now, we'll be watching the Vikings' first pre-season game of 2012, and anticipating the final roster cuts as camp winds down. It won't be long until the 2012 regular season is underway, and we'll be bringing you the same great coverage that you've become accustomed to from us. Thank you to all of you for your support and your patronage, as always.