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Greg Childs Suffers Knee Injury At Vikings Scrimmage

Minnesota Vikings' rookie wide receiver Greg Childs made headlines a couple of days ago for a ridiculous catch he made against Brandon Burton during training camp.

From the reports that we're getting from Mankato, that might have to tide us over for a while.

According to numerous sources in the media that were covering the scrimmage at Blakeslee Stadium, Childs suffered what appears to be a pretty serious knee injury. From the reports we're getting so far, Childs went up to attempt to catch a deep ball on the second-to-last play of the evening, and when he went down he began screaming and grabbing his knee. He wound up getting carted off of the field. Reports differ as to whether or not the injury was to his left knee or his right knee, but really. . .who cares at this point.

Childs slipped to the Vikings in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft partially due to injury concerns. He tore his patellar tendon during his junior year with the Razorbacks, and was not nearly as effective as a senior when he attempted to come back from it too early. That injury was to his right knee. . .could be troublesome if it turns out that this injury is to his right knee as well.

We're all hoping for the best for Greg Childs. . .but, if the reports coming out of Mankato at the moment are true, it sounds like we should expect the worst.