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A Necessary Cross-NFL-Lines Moment

In case you hadn't heard- and I actually hadn't until a fellow writer mentioned it to me earlier- Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid's eldest son was found dead today at the age of 29. This, as any father (or mother for that matter) will attest to, is a parent's worst nightmare. As the old adage goes, no parent is supposed to bury their child.

The collective hearts of the Daily Norseman go out to Andy Reid and his family, as well as to the Eagles organization as a whole. While Reid has been under fire on-and-off during his more recent years, he has always been known as a ‘player's coach', and in all likelihood the players there are sharing, in some lesser sense, his pain.

Again, regardless of what you think about Reid as a HC, or about the Eagles as a football team, this is definitely one of those moments when lines are meant to be crossed over. It's also a somber reminder to those of you here who are parents to always cherish your children; as much as we all expect for them to outlive us, life is often tragically not according to plan.

My heart breaks for Andy Reid and his family right now. I pray that somehow, some time and in some way, he can find solace in an event where that will seem impossible.