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Where We Re-Look The Wide Receiver Corps

Devin Aromashodu benefits more than anyone in the wake of the Greg Childs injury.
Devin Aromashodu benefits more than anyone in the wake of the Greg Childs injury.

Last month, we looked over the 53 man roster for offense, defense, and special teams.

When I talked offense, I said this about the WR corps:

Wide Receivers (5):

On The Roster: Emmanuel Arceneaux, Devin Aromashodu, Stephen Burton, Greg Childs, Percy Harvin, Michael Jenkins, Kamar Jorden, A.J Love, Jerome Simpson, Kerry Taylor, Bryan Walters, Jarius Wright

You Like Me, You Really Like Me: Harvin, Jenkins, Simpson, Wright, Childs,

Grab Your Playbook. The Turk Wants To See You: Aromashodu, Arceneaux, Burton, Jorden, Love, Taylor, Walters

Rationale: I am of the belief that the Vikes grabbed a couple of steals in the 4th round in the form of Arkansas receivers Jarius Wright and Greg Childs. I see Childs supplanting Aromashodu and eventually Jenkins in a year or two, and Wright will be an excellent backup/fill-in for Percy Harvin. Childs was on his way to becoming a top 10 pick before he got hurt, and if he's 100% healthy, mark my words, this kid will be good. The DA was okay last year, but dropped a lot of passes, and his numbers can be picked up (26 catches, 468 yards, 1 TD) from somewhere else. If the Vikings keep 6 WR's, he'll be the sixth. With a lot of two tight end sets, I just don't see the Vikes keeping 6 guys right now.

In light of the devastating injury suffered by Greg Childs, let's re-look this. After the jump.

There was a fair amount of disagreement on the inclusion of Michael Jenkins when I originally posted this. And while I can understand the reasoning that you guys had in terms of the Vikings getting younger, I disagreed with it. I think it's safe to say with the injury to Childs that Jenkins is now a definite lock for the roster.

I didn't see the Vikings cutting him anyway, but now, barring further injury, I don't see any way the Vikings go into the season without him--the receiving corps is already thin on talent and experience, and Jenkins brings both. He's definitely in.

But we still need to replace Greg Childs. I think the only two realistic options are Devin Aromashodu and Stephen Burton. If I'm reading the tea leaves from camp, it sounds like Burton is having a better camp than the District Attorney, but can those numbers now be made up from what's left? I don't think I can say that anymore, so I'm now of the opinion that the job is Aromashodu's to lose.

Can Burton beat him out? Yes. By all accounts, he's playing better in Mankato so far, but Frazier seems to favor veterans, and that plays into DA's favor. That said, Spielman has the final say on the roster, and I can see a scenario where Burton takes the roster spot.

But right now, my WR corps lineup is: Jenkins, Harvin, Simpson, Wright, Aromashodu.

Tell me where I'm wrong.