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Minnesota Vikings Waiver Claims And Practice Squad Open Thread

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The deadline for waiver claims in the National Football League passed about 15 minutes ago. Now we're awaiting word on who the Minnesota Vikings have claimed, who they've cut in order to put those players on the roster, and who will comprise the eight-man practice squad.

Still no word on what compensation the Vikings gave up for cornerback A.J. Jefferson. Keep in mind that they already have two extra picks in the 2013 NFL Draft, a 4th rounder from the Detroit Lions and a 6th rounder from the Tennessee Titans. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that the team dealt the latter in exchange for Jefferson. Also, given that he's a CB and that he has some ability in the return game, I think Marcus Sherels might be the guy that gets the axe in order to put Jefferson on the roster.

We will update this thread as soon as we get word as to who the Vikings have claimed and all the corresponding moves. Hopefully those will be coming here shortly. All of the moves will be listed after the jump.

UPDATE: The first move has been announced, as running back Jordan Todman has cleared waivers and will be on the Vikings' practice squad.

UPDATE: Tom Pelissero is reporting that the Vikings offered wide receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux a spot on the practice squad, but he turned it down in favor of joining the practice squad of the Washington Redskins instead.

UPDATE: Tori Gurley, who was on the Packers' practice squad last season and who the Vikings offered a spot on the active roster to last season, will apparently be a part of the Vikings' practice squad, according to reports.

UPDATE: BAH GAWD, we've got some moves!

The Vikings have released cornerback Zack Bowman and offensive lineman Pat Brown. They have also claimed OL Mark Asper off of waivers from the Buffalo Bills and acquired CB A.J. Jefferson from the Arizona Cardinals via trade.

The Vikings have also signed DL Chase Baker, OL Tyler Holmes, and CB Bobby Felder to the practice squad.

UPDATE: Some more info, such as it is, on the Jefferson trade via Twitter.