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Vikes Tweak The Roster

Audie Cole reacts to making the 53 man roster.
Audie Cole reacts to making the 53 man roster.

The Minnesota Vikings have made a couple of moves to adjust their 53 man roster. Fearless Leader already talked about the trade with the Cardinals for CB A.J. Jefferson, but the Vikes also have made a couple of other moves, and as of right now, we this is what the 53 man roster looks like.

In addition to the Jefferson trade, they were also awarded offensive lineman Mark Asper from Buffalo. He was a rookie out of Oregon, and I have to say, I don't know much about him, other than he wore ridiculous uniforms in college, and lost to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl a couple years back.

The following players were also signed to the practice squad: RB Jordan Todman, OL Tyler Holmes, DL Chase Baker, and DB Bobby Boucher Felder.

To get to the 53 man roster limit, the Vikings waived OL Pat Brown and DB Zack Bowman.

Let the Audie Cole era begin...