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Your Monday Night Football Open Thread

Week 1 of action in the National Football League for the 2012 season concludes tonight with a double-header of action.

In the early game, we'll be getting an AFC Central match-up between two teams that made the AFC playoffs last year. The Baltimore Ravens, who came within a dropped pass of reaching the Super Bowl last year, will host the Cincinnati Bengals. Baltimore is one of the favorites to reach the Super Bowl in the AFC again this year, despite the loss of the 2011 Defensive Player of the Year (non-Jared Allen category) in Terrell Suggs. The Bengals have an exciting young pitch-and-catch combination with second-year players Andy Dalton and A.J. Green, and are a solid team as well.

The game is already underway in Baltimore, and the Ravens have taken an early 3-0 lead. (Yours truly lost track of time there a bit. . .my apologies.)

The late game. . .or, as many would refer to it, the "DVR special". . .will see the San Diego Chargers heading into the Black Hole to take on the Oakland Raiders. Both of these teams were part of a dogfight for the AFC West title in 2011, and it remains to be seen which of their quarterbacks can bounce back in a bigger way. San Diego's Philip Rivers and Oakland's Carson Palmer both had their issues in 2011.

Both of these games are on ESPN for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the final night of Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season, ladies and gentlemen!